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Who We Are

Plunge Perfect Pools, LLC

est. 2022

Plunge Perfect Pools LLC offers customizable pre-manufactured pools to homeowners as well as to vetted installers.


Plunge Perfect Pools are made in Waco, Texas from the ground up and customized to the customers wishes. Unlike most prefab pools such as container pools or precast concrete pools, we can offer variations to the pool such as step placements, step sizes, tanning ledges and even benches.

Sizes available 10'x20' and 10'x30'. Depth 4' to the waterline.


Other customizable features include interior color, waterline tile, coping surround, plus much more.

Currently, Plunge Perfect Pools, LLC is located inside Lazy Days Pool and Spa in Westrock Centre. This is where the planning begins. Here we can talk about your wish list and go through finish options that we have on display. 

Plunge Perfect Pools installation Waco, Texas
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