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Plunge Perfect Pools Packages

We offer our Plunge Perfect Pools in the following ways to the homeowner:


Do It Yourself Packages:

This is a great option for people that are ready for a pool and either have the tools or experience to tackle the project themselves or would like to contract the installation on their own.

The Plunge Perfect Pool can be ordered with the options you choose and shipped to the install site when preparations are completed.


Turnkey Packages:

This option is for people that want the process completed in total and let the installer take the reigns to make it happen.

The Plunge Perfect Pool will still be constructed with the options chosen and shipped to the install site. The installer would coordinate with Plunge Perfect Pools to set up delivery dates and manage the project from there.

Plunge Perfect can help you find the right installer in your area to complete your project.


All Plunge Perfect Pools come ready to install according to the options chosen. They are pre-plumbed and the interior is also finished with the color of your choice. Each pool also comes with the LED light installed and the equipment package that you choose ships with the pool to your location.

Plunge Perfect Pools can also tile the waterline of your pool before we ship it to you.

Plunge Perfect Pools are built with a coping ledge that can be used for stone, travertine or other finish including a cantilever concrete decking.

Standard Package

Standard Packages include:


Plunge Perfect Pool size of your choice 10' x 20' or 10' x 30'

ecoFinish interior surface color of your choice

LED color light

Steps on one 10 foot side

Equipment set consisting of 240 volt pump, sand filter, chlorinator, time clock with freeze protection and robotic cleaner

All plumbing pool fittings installed prior to shipping (in some cases the skimmer may need to be shipped with the pool and installed at the install site)


Standard "Do It Yourself" Package Pricing without installation or shipping:

10’x20’ Plunge Perfect Pool Standard Package- $32,500

10’x30’ Plunge Perfect Pool Standard Package- $35,000

Turnkey Package Pricing:

Starting at $55,000*

*Location and other conditions apply. Prices may vary.


Plunge Perfect Pools Available Options*:

Additional steps

Tanning Ledge


Waterline Tile (can be installed at our facility before shipping)


Automated Equipment Package

Gas Heater

Electric Heater/Chiller

Water Features

*Not included in standard package pricing. Additional cost per option.

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